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The elves have been hard at work on the studio follow-up to Now I Understand. Slated for an early 2010 release is Dos, a double-CD comprising two distinct albums: Electric Moroccoland and So Below. Mastering took place in late August with Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios in NYC and artwork and packaging are currently being completed. Teaser medleys of snippets of tracks from both albums is being offered as a sneak preview: Electric MoroccoLand clubdelf.com/mp3/Electric_MoroccoLand_medley.mp3

So Below: clubdelf.com/mp3/SoBelowMedley.mp3

Club Cover art is being created by Doug Sirois (www.dougsirois.com). who did the stunning work for Now I Understand. A.Minor (www.myspace.com/allbrightmoments) is creating the logo for our new label, Face Pelt. She also created a stunning Limited Edition 11th Anniversary Poster autographed by the band. This is an extremely limited edition run of only 70 prints, each signed by the artist A.Minor and the following musicians:

Micro Vard (Mike Rivard), John Medeski, Erik Kerr, Brahim Fribgane, Mister Rourke, The Dux (Dean Johnston), Dave Tronzo, Randy Roos, Paul Schultheis, Tom Hall, Jerry Leake, Mat Maneri, Duke Levine, Fuze (David Fiuczynski), Geoff Scott, Alain Mallet, Matt Kilmer, Vicente Lebron & Danny Blume.

Proceeds from sales go towards completion funds for Dos.

D’Elf plays visionary artist Alex Grey’s new Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Art Sanctuary in upstate NY on Hallowe’en, and as anyone familiar with the band knows, D’Elf is ALL about Hallowe’en! This should be a most memorable evening and details can be found on the Shows page

Leader Mike Rivard has been honing his skills on the Moroccan sintir, and recently posted a couple of videos on Youtube:

Shipibo Sintir

Candlelit Sintir in David Lynch Room

-micro (updated 10/22/09)

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