club d’elf goes to 11

Greetings and Salutations,

They said it couldn’t be done, and maybe they were right…maybe this is all a dream…a crazy, crazy dream. Wait a minute…no…no, it seems to be “real” – at least it hasn’t gone away when we stopped believing in it, like Philip K. Dick‘s definition of “reality” anyway. So yeah, 11 years of Gas Music From Jupiter at the Lizard Lounge began in early ’98 and continues to this day, as we buck all trends and thumb our collective talon at the “norm”. We hope you can join us for this special event – an event so special that we commissioned noted poster artist A.Minor to create an awesome, limited-edition poster commemorating it. She did not disappoint, and you can see with your own eyes (or those of the face you are borrowing at the moment) this “awesomeness” of which we speak. It will be signed by the musicians and offered for sale at the show – and if any are left – via our merch page for those who can’t make it to Cambridge. Huzzah! See you in d’Elfland!




FRIDAY March 20, 2009: 11th ANNIVERSARY SHOW!!!

Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.

9:30 pm – 1:30 am. 2 sets. $10. 21+. 617-547-0759/1228. Advance tickets @ w/ Tom Hall (tenor sax), Paul Schultheis (Rhodes & Moog), Mister Rourke (turntables), Jerry Leake (tablas & perc), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Dean Johnston (drums).


Upcoming shows @Lizard Lounge: 4.16.09, 5.22.09, 6.05.09 & 6.19.09.


Sunday April 19, 2009 Earth Day Show!

Tyrone Farm, 89 Tyrone Rd. Pomfret Center, CT 06259. 3pm. 2 sets. $15. All Ages!




Saturday March 21, 2009

Duke Levine Group w/ Duke Levine – The Guitar,  Kevin Barry – The Lap Steel & The Guitar,  Mike Rivard – The Bass & Lorne Entress – The Drums.                                                                                                                                                                  “Chuck & Mud’s 30th Musical Anniversary”

The Hanover Theater in Worcester, MA 8:00. $25 – 35. All Ages. DLG plays 20 min set amidst cavalcade of stars. 

(Duke has this to say…)Well, it’s been a while, but we’ve been coaxed ever so gently out of our winter “Instrumental Hibernation” to be a part of this musical extravaganza. Thanks Chuck & Mud! Nice coaxin’. “Instro Hybo ’09” officially over. But if Kevin sees his shadow… So, we’ll be there, as well as hosts Chuck & Mud and The Hole In The Dam Band, Blackstone Valley Bluegrass Band, Riverbend, and guests Valerie & Walter Crockett, Ric Porter, Chet Williamson, Paul Della Valle, Fran McConville, and Lydia Fortune. Nice!!  There appears to be a mess of pickin’ afoot. We plan to do our usual schtick with the navel gazing, introspective, semi-retro, sensitive guitar goo. However, if these bluegrass guys start coming at us with the hot licks and whatnot, we may have no choice but to “bring” some good old-fashioned guitar goonery. See you there…


Monday March 23, 2009

Grand Fatilla w/ Roberto Cassan (accordion), Matt Glover (elec mandolin), Mike Rivard (double bass) & Fabio Pirozzolo (percussion & voice). The Beehive, 541 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116. 7 – 11 pm. Free! 617-423-0069. Modern Global Music on shuffle…Argentine Tangos, Italian Tarantellas, Turkish Sufi sacred songs, Irish reels, Moroccan trance, Bulgarian dance music, and music from composers Hermeto Pascoal, Astor Piazzola, as well as originals from the band members.


Friday April 3, 2009

Narada Yoga w/ Mike Rivard (solo sintir)

Exhale Spa, 28 Arlington Street at the Heritage On The Garden, Boston, MA 02116. 6 – 7:30 pm. $22. 617.532.7000. Mike Rivard provides sintir accompaniment to yoga instructor Amy Leydon’s Narada Yoga class. Narada Yoga is a journey into sound and movement. Luxuriate in a one and a half hour class with breath work, meditation, and Amy Leydon’s signature Vinyasa Flow style of yoga. Practice your karma yoga by offering support to innocent children in South Africa infected with the AIDS virus. With minimal instruction and lots of flow, Narada yoga will delight your senses, free your body and uplift your soul. Proceeds to benefit Our Journey Inc: Our Journey, Inc. is a non-profit organization currently working in South Africa with The Valley Out-Reach Program, a community-based program providing for families decimated by AIDS. 




a wiser person than us once said that humanity is involved in a race against time, with things getting better at the same time that they are getting worse.  it seems that all we hear about in the mainstream media is of the worse variety, and it’s easy to sink into a collective state of panic and fear, innit? we take heart from news such as this, about an artificial leaf. mmm…liquid sunshine. bet that would make a nice cocktail.

and speaking of photosynthesis, we like plants. a lot – and singing to them, too. we were turned onto this blog recently, and it seems steve beyer does, too. of course we went to this posting first. i mean…hallucinogens and porn…c’mon.


Ways to Waste Your Time On Youtube

over 2,000,000 folks have enjoyed the sweet, sweetness of this james brown dance instruction video, but if you are not one of them, get up, get into it & get involved:


and yeah, most have seen this, but it still really freaks us out every time we watch it. why not share the freak…why not risk redundancy so that we can bring little superstar into your life? thank you geoff for bringing it into ours:

being a bass player, your humble narrator is rather partial to that instrument, but bassist or not everyone should be partial to this man: mr. willie dixon. the man played with howlin wolf, muddy waters, etc, etc and wrote some of the most covered songs in history by (insert your favorite band here). man plays a mean bass, yo. check it:

our own dean johnston has been shedding his squarepusher, and spent 11 months transcribing the drum machine part to squarepusher theme, which if you think is easy to play then you are just not thinking, son. no, this is difficult to play, and the dux does an admirable job:

and in case you didn’t know, d’elf has a youtube channel, which has delights galore (take out the “al” and it might be more accurate), to which you will no doubt wish to subscribe to, so you can see the likes of this and more:

alright, that’s all i have time for now, and besides…don’t you have something better to do than sit in front of the computer? however, if you are going to sit there a little while longer, we are very interested in your feedback as to how to make this better, if you feel like giving any. the cave man needs it, and promises to improve things. until next time, keep it surreal and remember to breathe. and don’t forget: we’re all in this together.

happy spring, everyone.

– micro

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  1. Hey Mike, caught a little bug and am staying at my friend’s apt. while she’s away. It’s easier being sick here than in my little room where I have to share a bathroom. Anyway, had some time to view your new blog. It’s pretty neat. I like the videos, too. Is that an Indian kid or an Indian dwarf? Where was your club d’elf video shot?

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