Club d’Elf & Rudder @ The RegattaBar

greetings and salutations,

usually we’re on the late tip in letting you know about the latest show, as in the DAY OF, but not this time. we want to give you some space out front (mmmm…….) to plan your calendar for this coming tuesday night, for it is then that we will be joining forces with Rudder from nyc to take over the refined environs of the regattabar in cambridge for a night of unbridled groove mayhem. face pelts will be taken and displayed, and then lovingly returned at the end of the night, thank you, here’s your face back. where else would you want to be? ok…besides there? right! nowhere else!

if you’re not familiar with Rudder, chances are you may have heard of some of the members, as these “cats” is among the baddest of the bad that the big apple has to offer. chris cheek ( plays the sax – often through effects – and when not playing with these guys he can be found with bill frisell, or charlie haden’s liberation music orchestra or paul motian,and the list goes on. henry hey ( plays the keys and besides being rod stewart’s musical director (!) he has played with bill bruford & bill evans, amongst many others. i’ve been aware of bassist tim lefebvre ( for some time now, first hearing him in the awesome live drum’n’bass group Boomish ( )years ago (before they went lounge/comedy, though they are still sweet, sweetness), and digging most excellently his fat & juicy low end, because there’s nothing wrong with that. he also plays with wayne krantz, the sat. night live band, chris botti and tons more folks. drummer keith carlock plays with steely dan, so he has that going for him, which is nice. also, sting, wayne krantz and lots more. so check these guys out, s’what i’m saying. and us, too.

i’m told jim sullivan may be giving us some “ink” on his site about the show( here’s where to find us:



Tues Oct 9, 2007

Regattabar at the Charles Hotel, One Bennett St, Cambridge, MA. 02138. 617-661-5000.Co-bill w/ Rudder from NYC feat. Chris Cheek, Henry Hey, Tim Lefevbre & Keith Carlock.$15. All Ages. Rudder plays 1 set at 7:30 pm; Club d’Elf plays 1 set at 9:15 pm.d’Elf: Dave Tronzo (slide guitar), Tom Hall (tenor sax), Mister Rourke (turntables), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Dean Johnston (drums).

Sat Oct 20, 2007

The Stone Church, 5 Granite St., Newmarket, NH  03857.603-659-6321. $10. 18+. 2 sets starting at 10 pm.w/ Dave Tronzo (slide guitar), Mister Rourke (turntables), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir), Dean Johnston (drums) & mo’!.

Friday, Oct 26, 2007

Festival du Monde Arabe de Montreal, Theatre Corona, 2490, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, Quebec, H2S 2K1, Canada.$33 (Canadian). 514-931 2088, 514-790 1245. Info:  Brahim Fribgane (oud, perc & voice), Dave “Fuze” Fiuczynski (guitar), Gavin Castleton (keyboards & beatbox), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Erik Kerr (drums)

November 15, December 6 and 27, 2007: Lizard Lounge.



Mondays Oct 15, 22 & 29, 2007

Duke Levine Group (w/ Mike Rivard, Kevin Barry & Per Hanson). Atwoods Tavern, 877 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA. 617-864-2792.9 pm – 12 am. Free!


28 days… 6 hours… 42 minutes… 12 seconds. That… is when the world… will end. the countdown to hallowe’en begins. look for a special treat in the next issue for all of you from club d’elf. and frank.

PERHAPSODY ……is of course the title of our most recent live cd, and plays pretty well in italy, thank you very much. got to love them italian reviewers and their florid, poetic use of the language. wow, we got some pretty sweet quotes from this one, you betcha. thanks to tasoula for the translation. i think he likes it…

*Perhapsody/AllAboutJazz, Italia review*

“Mike Rivard’s Club d’Elf continues its work of the deconstruction and expansion of improvised trance music unperturbed with this optimal double live album which their friends at independent and progressive Kufala records are promptly putting on the market. In this case we find ourselves in front of an extended version of the band (which, however, is unavoidably a mutable entity by design of the project), which was reunited October 12, 2006 at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, on the periphery of Boston, to celebrate the release of their studio album Now I Understand. By now a locale well known to fans of the American band, it is a true and just friendly territory insofar as the Lizard Lounge can be imagined as the home base of the group, who have played there practically every Thursday from 1998 until today. Next to the bassist Mike Rivard, the true democratic leader of the band, we find John Medeski, the two excellent electric guitars of Dave Tronzo and Duke Levine, the turntables and samples of Mister Rourke, the original drummer of the group Erik Kerr, the saxophonist Tom Hal and the trombonist Tom Halter. A festive and exciting occasion renders the habitually incessant groove even more lively and wriggling. In the air, suggestions of Northern Africa and superimpositions of charming timbres materialize which let us catch a glimpse into an urban jungle of which each of us dreams in the enchanted mid-summer nights, projecting into the future of its personal world at the limits of possibility. The telepathic contact that is created between the rhythm section and the other musicians engaged on stage is by now legendary and finds no obstacle in the fact that its lineup is, for this occasion, much wider than usual. Indeed it could be said that the major availability of colors is an ulterior element which Rivard knows how to employ to capture the minds of listeners and drag them sweetly and lightly onto his unending journey to slowly see the surrounding panorama change, like a train which floats weightlessly on magnetic tracks and moves between mysterious worlds of the collective imagination. In the end we can justly see this group as an expanded rhythm section which moves incessantly and with extreme fluidity surrounded by a thousand colors manifested through links of phrases and of solos which seem to come from nothing, only to disappear magically behind a corner we never would have considered. The great quality of the soloists involved (above all Medeski and Tronzo) is such that the recipe will always be tasty and exciting and the formidable empathy which comes to be created in these by now mythical evenings makes every negative tension dissipate and lets only positive energies emerge. Pure magic.” -Maurizio Comandini, AllAboutJazz, Italia

sweet…sweetness. if you don’t have it already you can buy it here: nice.




…is where we all spend way too much time. but why not spend just a little more, AND trip balls while doing it without actually ingesting anything. can it be true? thanks to the artist formerly known as ALL for “turning us on” to this one:

and while you’re at it, you can viddy this clip of our last lizard lounge show back in sept, shot by thompson: awww yeah.


*Peter Barrett*

it’s peter’s art that graces the covers of all 7 of our kufala releases, as well as our very first cd, As Above, which you can still order from our website, natch. his work is pretty frickin’ cool and we’re totally stoked to be able to use his images, and if you’re lucky enough to be in brooklyn for the next month or so you can peep his show. take it away, peter…

“Supreme Trading is pleased to announce Morphologies, a show of paintings by Peter Barrett. This is his second solo show in New York, and his first in Brooklyn. His work has been included in two previous group shows at Supreme Trading. The title of the show refers to the study of forms across many disciplines- among them astronomy, linguistics, biology, and architecture- all of which inform Barrett’s work. The pieces on view in this show continue his exploration of shaped paintings on cut and routed MDF that push painting into the third dimension without quite becoming sculpture. Spanning a wide range of forms, and encompassing opposing visual languages- organic/geometric, natural/synthetic, analog/digital, and scientific/psychedelic- Barrett’s work creates an elegant tension between these extremes, with each piece offering a unique combination of references that reveal new relationships between far-flung visual vocabularies and disciplines. Included in the show will be Mycelium, a new site-specific wall installation that continues Barrett’s practice of painting walls around multiple relief elements that are composed on site. Mycelium involves elongated, rounded forms of MDF painted in gradations from black to white arranged on a wall painted with different concentric bands of modulated color. The effect partially dissolves the wall, enabling the viewer to enter into a space of uncertain scale and finite depth; Barrett refers to this as “optical space” and its creation is a trademark effect of all his work, regardless of scale.

Morphologies will run from September 28 through October 30. Gallery hours are Monday- Friday from 5-9 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 1-9 PM. Supreme Trading, 213 North 8th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 718-599-4224.



with great sadness we greeted the news of the deaths of joe zawinul ( and bobby byrd ( this past month. i first saw zawinul with weather report back in the day after first hearing him on miles davis’s bitches brew, and his music has been a big influence on mice elf and the band. though i never got to see bobby perform, his presence on classic JB tracks like Sex Machine and my personal favorite, Since You’ve Been Gone ( have helped us get on the good foot on occasions too many to list. we were also saddened to hear of d’elf friend and web-helping-guy neil larson’s fiancee maggie losing her mom to a long battle with cancer. and though we didn’t mention it last issue, RIP Max Roach, one of the absolute greats of the drums. our lives are less rich because these people are gone.



here’s some north african stuff for you to check out when you’re next on myspace. nass el ghiwane are known as the “moroccan beatles”, not because they sounded anything like the fab 4 but in that they were as popular as the beatles back in the day. they hail from the same neighborhood in casablanca that our own brahim fribgane is from, and it was brahim who turned me onto them. they were the first to combine their own lyrics – often politically charged – with various forms of moroccan indigenous music using traditional instruments. look for our version of one of their songs on our upcoming studio cd, and we’ll be performing it in montreal at the end of the month, too when we play The World of Arabic Music Festival (see shows above).

dimi mint abba recorded a cd with khalifa ould eide called Moorish Music From Mauritania (, which is to this day among our favorites. she has a voice that will seriously make you glad to be alive, if for no other reason than you are hearing her voice. wow. if only she toured. and Gaada Diwane de Bécha are a band we just discovered, who are also playing the festival in montreal. enjoy!

*Dimi Mint Abba*

*Gaada Diwane de Béchar*

*Nass El Ghiwane*



like most we have been watching the unfolding events in burma with shock and concern, and send the monks and all burmese people our energy and prayers. may there be an end to the violence and someday an end to the repressive regime of than shwe. some recent articles that have been informative:,,


we’re all in this together.


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