club d’elf after labor day ’07

greetings and salutations,

hello seekers! all of us here at d’elf hq (and there’s only one of us at the moment, but i am “channeling” all of the rest) hope that you and yours had the kind of summer that you will look back upon and go “sweet…sweetness”. we’re not really sure what happened to ours but we think there may have been some kind of alien abduction involved. mostly we remember watching a lot youtube and laughing until the milk came out our nose. YOU try watching sh*t like this and see if you can hold onto your dairy…

sweet…sweetness. ah, but there is no time to dwell upon such memories of those warm, lazy days of summer and large-eyed grey beings. no, we have a show to put on. and guess what? it’s TONIGHT! you’d think that we could get these missives out a little sooner – you’d think that, and you’d be right. but enough of such “practical talk”. we’re very excited about this evening’s “non-denominational revival meeting” (that’s what the boston phoenix said they were, yup) not just because we haven’t been sleeping well and keep having these crazy flashes of being in some kind of space ship with bright lights and chilled probes, but because our old pal alain mallet will be joining us tonight, and he hasn’t for some time, being too busy traveling the globe and other such non-essential, non-d’elf oriented activities, but tonight he’s ALL OURS.

and so is brahim fribgane, making the driveall the way from harlem just to play music for YOU…well, if YOU are in the 617 and make it to cambridge tonight, then yes, YOU. and duke levine….come on, it’s just silly how crazy this line-up is. but enough of my yacking. there’s music to be played and milk to be spilled…



Thursday Sept 6, 2007 (NOTE: NOT the 7th as previously -erroneously- mentioned. not insane! not responsible!)

The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.9:30 pm. 617-547-0759/1228. 21+. $10. Brahim Fribgane (oud, perc & voice), Duke Levine (guitar), Alain Mallet (keyboards & melodica), Jerry Leake (tablas & perc), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Dean Johnston (drums).

Sunday Sept 9, 2007

The Stone Church, 5 Granite St., Newmarket, NH 03857.603-659-6321. $10. 18+. 2 sets starting at 10 pm, though it may start earlier so call the club, yo or check our myspace.w/ Dave Tronzo (slide guitar), Randy Roos (guitar) Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Dean Johnston (drums).

Tues Oct 9, 2007 

Regattabar at the Charles Hotel, One Bennett St, Cambridge, MA. 02138. 617-661-5000.Co-bill of Club d’Elf & Rudder from NYC. Still getting details so stay tuned.Rudder is: Chris Cheek – Saxes, Henry Hey – Keyboards, Tim Lefebvre – Bass, Keith Carlock – Drums. Members play with Sting, Wayne Krantz, Boomish, Steely Dan, Rod Stewart, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian…you get the idea.

Friday, Oct 26, 2007

Festival du Monde Arabe de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, H2S 2K1, Brahim Fribgane (oud, perc & voice), Dave “Fuze” Fiuczynski (guitar), Gavin Castleton (keyboards & beatbox), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Erik Kerr (drums).

November 15, December 6 and 27, 2007: Lizard Lounge.



if you happen to understand italian you can read this review of our latest cd, Perhapsody, which from the title of the review we can only assume was written by some kind of italian pirate… “har, me mateys, i’ll be listening to parhapsody now, ciao bello”. if you don’t already own your personal copy, you can order it here: do it now! zontar commands it!!!

 All About Jazz Italia: Parhapsody/



Monday, Sept 10, 2007

Scarecrow Mobius, Matt Murphy’s Pub, 14 Harvard St, Brookline Village, MA. 617-232-0188. pm – 2 am. 21+. Free! Saxophonist James Merenda of the Masked Marvels and bassist Mike Rivard of Club d’Elf join forces with keyboardist Dave Bryant and percussionist James Kamal Jones, both veterans of Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time for an evening of music adventurous and esoteric, earthy and engaging.

Tuesday Sept 11, 2007

Public House w/ Geoff Scott, Timo Shanko, Mike Rivard & Brian Sayers. Matt Murphy’s Pub, 14 Harvard St, Brookline Village, MA. 617-232-0188. pm – 2 am. 21+. Free!

Monday Sept 17, 2007

Duke Levine Group (w/ Mike Rivard, Kevin Barry & Per Hanson)Atwoods Tavern, 877 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA. 617-864-2792.9 pm – 12 am. Free!



ATTN: COLLEGE STUDENTS!!! if you want us to play at your school, we’d like to do that. let us know who to contact and if it becomes a “reality” (we just always have to put quotation marks around that word, never wishing to be so presumptuous that we actually know what it is…all we know is everything you know is WRONG! but um, i’ve gone off on a tangent, haven’t i) we will shower you with some swag, like cds or shower gel or something. hook us up, mclovin.



gavin is one of the newer additions to the d’elf family and, like most of these crazy folks, is ridiculously talented and has a whole solo thing apart from d’elf. he’d like to let you know about something, so take it away, gavin…

Hey there… I’m sorry to hit you up somewhat impersonally like this. Just a quick note to let you know my new album For the Love of Pete (a collection of warm folk/electronica songs written for my lovely ex-girlfriend of the last 6 years) is finally for sale/listen at iTunes. I’m not necessarily asking you to buy it or anything, just to consider buying it, and more importantly, to force someone in the same room as you to buy it. I grew impatient with finding an ideal label to put this out with, so I’m releasing it myself (with help from Five One Inc.) – therefore I have to approach even my own mother (hi mom!) for a little bit of fiscal support to help pay for the extravagant artwork that I insisted on… at the board meeting with… myself.

Speaking of illustrious artwork, a physical copy of the same album, and a secret one called A Bullet, A Lever, A Key will both be available at the Integers Only Online Store in two weeks or so – if you’re one of those types.I greatly appreciate you reading this, and being in my life. Please pass this on to anyone you think may enjoy my music!Gavin CassssssssstletonPS> If you’ve somehow spared your ears from my work until now, feel free to break those chains of love –


*Mahow! Mahow!*

back in the day we used to collect and trade these quaint little plastic things called “video tapes”, which we would fill with the most insane, funny little snippets friends and fellow travelers of the bizarre and insane would pass along. duke levine passed this one on to me, having received it from the guy who wrote the starland vocal band’s classic hit “afternoon delight”, and now – like everything else – it can be found on the old worldwide interweb. peep this…if you dare.

*For Conspiracy Buffs Only*

hey, what IS it with the denver int. airport, anyway? thanks to alicia for alerting us to this one:


we leave you with this bit of news that passed us by when it was happening in july, being busy with the abduction and all. maybe it passed you by, too. we find it sad that we now live in a world where the weekly world news is no longer around to alert us to such important stories as BUTTERFLY MAN INVENTS HUNGRY SPACE ALIEN! or CRAZED DIETER MISTAKES DWARF FOR CHICKEN! we are now are on our own, and it’s a little scary knowing that there are probably bat boys in caves that we will never know about…


happy almost-autumn. see you at a show.



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