club d’elf on mother’s day

greetings and salutations,

to all of you mothers out there, happy mother’s day. and to all of you muthas, just talking about shaft. damn right. we’re off to the woods for a few days of wood-shedding and elf-spotting, but just wanted to alert you before going off the grid to the impending conflagration of d’elf energy which will be occurring at these particular coordinates in this space/time continuum. ahem. be seeing you?


Thursday May 17, 2007
The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.
617-547-0759/1228. 21+. $10. NOTE: NEW early start (no soul low). 9:30 pm. DON’T BE LATE!!!
w/ Brahim Fribgane (oud, perc & vocal), Geoff Scott (guitar), Gavin Castleton (keyboards & beatbox), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Dean Johnston (drums).

Saturday May 19, 2007
The Stone Church, 5 Granite St., Newmarket, NH 03857.
603-659-6321. $10. 18+. 2 sets starting at 10 pm.
w/ Dave Tronzo (slide guitar), Tom Hall (sax), Mister Rourke (turntables), Mike Rivard & Dean Johnston.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Regattabar at the Charles Hotel, One Bennett St, Cambridge, MA. 02138. 617-661-5000.
Co-Bill w/ Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (
7:30 pm. Club d’Elf plays first, followed by JFJO. Both bands will play 1 set, aprox 60 – 75 min.
w/ Duke Levine (guitar), Mister Rourke, Mike Rivard, Dean Johnston & more!

Friday June 22, 2007
The Stone Church, 5 Granite St., Newmarket, NH 03857.
603-659-6321. $10. 18+. 2 sets starting at 10 pm.

Thurs July 5, 2007
The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.
617-547-0759/1228. 21+. $10.


the release date for our new live cd Perhapsody is june 19. this of course is the recording from the lizard lounge 10.12.06 cd release party that we have been telling you about for the past few issues. we plan on a whole series of releases of release parties, like we could record the release party for the disc of the release party, then have a release party for THAT one, and…you got it – RECORD THAT one, and so on and so on. or maybe not. did we mention that you can SMOKE the cd baggie? yup, you heard it right. here’s what brady from kufala has to say on the matter: “From today on we are shipping everything in our new smokeable baggies. I developed a wood cellulose CD baggie that is 98% transparent, non-toxic, chemical free, no plastic, biodegradable, and smokeable (it is made out of the same paper as the clear rolling papers. You will be able to buy the new d’elf album and roll a joint with the shrink wrap (or I should say our alternative to shrink wrap). It
is a total trip because it looks like plastic but it is paper. We have an exclusive on the technology and will be announcing it in a big way in about 2 weeks. We now have the first truly non-plastic CD packaging model and people are loving it. Yeah….” so now you know! buy the cd, rock to the crazy sounds, support d’elf, get your smoke on AND do something for the environment. look for it soon…


Saturday May 12 2007
A fundraising event for the Agassiz Preschool.
THE AGASSIZ PRESCHOOL presents PRESHOOLAPALOOZA 2007: an evening of music, food, and entertainment.
North Prospect Church, 1803 MASS AVE. o Porter Square o Cambridge MA.
FEATURING ENTERTAINMENT BY TIM GEARAN roots folk singer songwriter; JIMMY RYAN mandolin legend; MISS TESS modern vintage; THE BOSTON HULA HOOP TROUPE the name says it all! BABES IN BOINKLAND burlesque and more!
and a very special concert with one of Boston’s most exciting new bands…THE EVERYDAY VISUALS
6:30 doors / 7:00 show. $30. Tickets on sale at


*Vir McCoy*

we have been sending out healing vibes to bassist & sintir player vir mccoy from the west coast band hamsa lila, who has been battling for his life. never met the man, but had some correspondence with him, and brahim did a little playing with him and word is he’s a solid dude. we support our brethren of the sintir, natch. seems like he’s doing better but could still use some support, so if you feel like sending some energy his way, i’m sure he’d appreciate it. we received this from him:

Family and Friends,

I want to express so much gratitude and thankfulness for all who sent out prayers, came to the hospital and kept me fed, held space, and wiped my brow and kept me laughing. I am overwhelmed at the amount of love that poured in. Sometimes we really need help. I really needed help (still do) and help came. Thank you. The experience was a harrowing one – Intense 104 fevers for 10 days, nerve pains, delirium (I didn’t sleep for 10 days) meningitis, headaches and nausea etc… All I could do was breathe. A couple of times it felt like I was not going to make it – couldn’t walk- I was completely in the hands of my body, will to live and all your prayers that poured in. There was a moment where I sat up in bed and put my hands up. I felt what seemed like Niagra falls pouring into me -a river of prayer and energy from all who were sending it to me. I realized that we really can effect people through our thoughts, prayers and sending energy. Thank you, Thank You,
Thank you all so much. Thanks for not letting a brother slip through the cracks. We all need each other.

Many of you know I have been working with lymes disease in my body and the final diagnosis was a confection called Erlichia, which I knew little about. On some deep level though I think the high fevers burned it all out – even the docs thought so- but I am being cautious just in case-Lymes is tricky- time will tell. I have learned so much about lymes disease and have a ton of information (I think I will call the manuscript “From Ayahuasca to Zithromax!”) There has been a profound intuitive quality that has come with this. I can share with others who may need help. Just send them my email and I can send all the info I have.
I am still quite weak and have residual nerve damage in my arm and hand, but feel like a new baby. Just working on getting stronger everyday. That hot lava in the belly. There were so many of you who sent emails with prayers, suggestions and doctors I haven’t been able to write everyone back individually but I will as I am able. Any further suggestions or good doctors is always helpful.

Life is precious- don’t let your dreams slip by- stay funky
Sending you all health and courage
In living loving gratitude

A special thanks to Angela Layton and Elana Vollen -two Angels who helped save my life amazing!

*Club d’Elf at the Stone Church 4.21.07*

our man scott b has shot yet another d’elf show at the stone church and put some footage up on youttune, where of course we all spend way to much time. hey, what’s another 4 minutes? waste it here:

*John Cage on TV Game Show 1960*

this was just too much fun to see the father of chance music on tv’s “i’ve got a secret”. he’s a great sport and has a wonderful sense of humor and childlike glee as he goes about knocking over radios due to a union squabble. see for yourself:

*10 Most Magnificent Trees In the World*

what do trees have to do with club d’elf? well, nothing. and…EVERYTHING. besides the fact that most of our instruments are made from them (but only criminal trees who deserved to die), i spend as much time as possible practicing outdoors and derive much inspiration from them. and yeah, maybe even hugged one or two. love to see one of these up close:

*Lifting the Veil*

um, we like elves. and grandmother. you might find this interesting if you do, too.

until the next time, i hope we’re all still here, and if not that we’ll meet again in some better place. fight the good fight, and may you and yours have as much peace as you envision in your dreams….the good ones.


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