club d’elf nooze for jan ’07

greetings and salutations,

happy new year, ya’ll. from all of us here in d’elf land, we hope it is filled with peace and much goodness for you and yours, and hope that you let the sounds of d’elf be part of the soundtrack of your life this year. we lost a lot of good folks at the end of ’06 and early ’07, and we miss them all (see the bottom of this message for some of those we miss). here at d’elf HQ we shall endeavor to keep the fires burning as we keep smelting them tracks in our subterranean laboratory, filled with the necessary incantations to help you keep the cthonic forces at bay. and we will try to take physical shape more and more and play in a town near you, in’shallah. yes, we have lots in store this year, and much new music to lay on you, so stay tuned. you’ll be seeing lots of new tracks and videos showing up on our myspace ( and website (, so don’t say we didn’t warn ya. as for now, we have a show this evening at the lizard lounge, and
it’s last minute as always, so without much further do-do, on to the shows…


Thurs Jan 18, 2007
The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.
617-547-0759. 21+. $10.
8 – 9 pm (Soul Low) : Rivard/Cassan/Glover. Mike Rivard (ac bass), Roberto Cassan (accordion) & Matt Glover (elec mandolin) play originals and music by Hermeto Pascoal, Astor Piazolla, as well as folk music from Bulgaria, Turkey, and all over this big old planet of ours.
10 pm – 1:30 am : Club d’Elf featuring Gavin Castleton (Ikeyboards & beatbox), Randy Roos & Geoff Scott (guitars), Vicente Lebron (congas & perc), Mike Rivard (bass & sintir) & Dean Johnston (drums).

Thurs Feb 8, 2007
The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.
617-547-0759. 21+. $10.
Special 9th Anniversary Show! w/ Duke Levine, Alain Mallet, Mister Rourke, Mike Rivard, Erik Kerr & more!

Thurs March 15, 2007
The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.
617-547-0759. 21+. $10.
w/ Dave Tronzo & more!

Thurs March 29, 2007
The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.
617-547-0759. 21+. $10.

Friday March 30, 2007
The Stone Church, 5 Granite St., Newmarket, NH 03857. 603-659-6321. $10. 18+.
Club d’Elf begins a new monthly residency at the Stone Church!
w/ Mister Rourke & more!


Saturday, January 20, 2007
Natraj featuring Indian classical violinist Tara Anand
Chinmaya Maruti, 1 Union St. (Rt. 28 South, opposite Burke Funeral Home, off I-495), Andover, MA.
7:00PM – 9:30PM
$14 (general) and $10 (students, seniors); $2 discount for advance purchase; age 6 and under free. For tickets and information, call (781) 729-9170.
Tara Anand – special guest, electric violin; Phil Scarff – soprano saxophone; Mike Rivard – string bass; Jerry Leake – tabla and multipercussion; Bertram Lehmann – drums and percussion.
This concert showcases guest Tara Anand’s Indian classical violin magic on original works, as well as contemporary treatments of traditional Indian compositions. Tara has toured the US and India, performing with esteemed artists, including T. R. Subramaniam, M. L. Vasanthakumari, Prof. Ramanathan, Sudha Raghunathan, Nookala Satyanarayana, T. Rukmini, and
NEA Choreography Fellow Jothi Raghavan.


peter is of course the guy responsible for all those cool images on our live cds. now folks in the 617 and vicinity can peep what folks in nyc, miami, europe, etc have been privy to : peter’s work in the “flesh”. he actually paints on some kind of flesh canvas, but don’t tell anyone i told you. he’ll be at the opening of his show, and a bunch of us d’elf folks will be there, so come on down. if you can’t, it runs for a few months so you have some time.

January 26, 2007
“Big Bang: Painting for the 21st Century”
DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA


– we are looking to hook up some college gigs, as those usually pay rather well and allow a band like us to tour and play dates where we don’t make so much money. if you can hook us up with the students activity folks at your college or just one that you know about, and it leads to a gig, well we will shower you with some d’elf goodies, like cds and whatever indulgences we can muster. help us out! Cthulhu demands it!


– Pop Matters reviews Now I Understand. But do they get it? Sort of.

– has a nice review of Now I Understand, so if you are still looking for a good reason to buy this album, try this out:

– Glide
the folks at glide magazine asked me to contribute to their end of the year “best of”, which is always an honor. if you want to see some of the things (which are fit to print) that gave me a chubby this year, check this:

– Green Arrow Radio
mister g and i had been going round and round, trying to figure out a time for he and i to have an on-air chat, and we finally worked it out at the end of dec. he plays a few tracks from NIU, and we talk about some aspects of this thing called “d’elf”. warning : face-wearing may be mentioned.

– XM Radio props

Michelle Sammartino (host of Jammin’ Jazz) listed Now I Understand as one of the BEST OF 2006, and it was her Staff Pick for 12/15/06. You go, girl! She had this to say:

“An incredible combination of seasoned talents together for their first ever STUDIO release after putting out NUMEROUS live recordings over many years. Under the sophisticated direction of Mike Rivard you’ve got phenomenal players like John Medeski, Billy Martin, Mat Maneri, Adam Deitch and a list too long to add here. This is a mixture of jazz, funk, electronica, electric bass, beatbox, viola, samples, laptop…. And heart and soul and rhythm and jazz….A great addition to any number of collections of various genres… it fits everywhere!”

late-breaking news : as we write this we just got a comment from michelle on our myspace in which she says :

“Ok I just gotta tell ya… I mean I know you know that I love this friggin CD but I purposely took it out of my car so I would listen to all the other CDs I am supposed to be checking out for the channel… so it’s been a while… like a month…And then there it is…. Like a drug… so I pop it in and all over again I am hooked! What have you done to me!!!??? Seriously though this is one of my all time desert island CDs… you can quote me on that too! ”

wow, thanks, michelle! now go out and get yourself a copy of this cd! available at iTunes, amazon (, the merch page on our site (where we still have our special offer available to you, our discerning readers :, to mention but a few.

– State Of Mind
the dec ’06/jan ’07 issue of this magazine has an article i wrote on my appreciation of the music of Hassan Hakmoun. the article is only available in the print version of the pub, but i blogged it on the d’elf myspace. this link may take you to it (if not go to the link at the top of this message and scroll to blogs):


– bill t. miller took some nice shots (and a short video ) or our last show at the lizard lounge with roger miller (no relation). if you were there, you can relive the magic of the evening all over again, if you weren’t, you can see what a bunch of folks who had been doing some drinkin’ were up to…
12.28.06 Lizard Lounge :

– our new years show at the stone church was a pretty groovy night, and if you’d like to see a 2 min clip of tronzo collecting some face pelts, our pal scott b shot this: 12.31.06 Stone Church :


– lady v turned me onto this, and this is just so…so…i don’t know what it is. just another reminder of what a strange and wondrous world we live in, where moths drink the tears of birds:,tate,75451,22.html

– erik kerr, our erstwhile drummer & the king of beaver is a really weird guy, but weird in that way that we love. recently i got this from him, and it sort of sums up a lot of things:

..and oh i mean sweat, baby…drinking down that salty body ale that does a body good – especially the lower jaw mandible; the gulping skull without sinews…oh yeah he loves to slosh it through his cheek slots, like the seal tank at sea world. drippity droppity goes the frothy perspiration cola. wuh, wuh!!

uh, yeah.


we are sad to see these folks leave us, and the loss of RAW especially hit me hard. reading his books when i was a teenager growing up in a conservative midwestern bible belt town did more than just about any other human being to help shape the way i perceived the world (that, and some really interesting plants), and provided a much-needed antidote to the dogmatic religious beliefs and close-mindedness that existed all around me. he taught me that we all perceive reality through our own personal “reality tunnel”, as well as turning me on to various mind-blowing concepts from quantum physics, such as that the universe is being created by it’s participants. he is truly one of the patron saints of club d’elf, right up there with philip k. dick, terence mckenna and rod serling, and i will miss him. i will also miss michael brecker, alice coltrane, and still feel the sting of the loss of james brown and will for a long time to come. there’s a good obit by greg tate from
the village voice if you haven’t seen it, and you should really check out some of the clips of prime james showing up on youtube, like this :


Robert Anton Wilson (RIP)
David Pescovitz: Robert Anton Wilson–philosopher, author, visionary, Discordian, Fortean, and bOING bOING patron saint–died early this morning. From his final blog post on January 6:

Various medical authorities swarm in and out of here predicting I have between two days and two months to live. I think they are guessing. I remain cheerful and unimpressed. I look forward without dogmatic optimism but without dread. I love you all and I deeply implore you to keep the lasagna flying.

Please pardon my levity, I don’t see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.

MICHAEL BRECKER–obit-brecker0113jan13,0,95642.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork


JAMES BROWN EULOGY,tate,75451,22.html

thanks for your time. stay safe, have fun, and see you at a show sometime soon. we’re all in this together.


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